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   Retirement Planning Services

Retirement can be a new and exciting phase of your life but only if you plan and prepare in advance. 

"40% of pre-retirees age 45 or older have less than $50,000 saved for retirement." According to 2007 Retirement Confidence Survey by the EBRI.

Below is a Retirement Video I completed recently:
"Getting Ready to Retire?". Enjoy!

More retirement videos: retirement planning services

Top 12 things you Must consider when planning a
Successful and Fulfilling Retirement!

  1. Identify what is really important to you!

  2. Discover a reason to get out of bed every morning! 

  3. See the big picture. Don't get bogged down with the little things.

  4. Determine your financial needs.

  5. Develop a plan. 30 years of your life without a plan? Ouch!

  6. Decide where will you live?

  7. Rediscover the dreams you have put on hold. Retirement is the time to address them!

  8. Make the work to retirement transition, smoothly.

  9. Avoid information overload!

  10. Decide if you will work. Where? How much?

  11. Stay connected with family and friends.

  12. Plan for your End of Life?

Remember: The sooner you start the retirement planning process - the easier it is! 

Do the above steps look easy? Great, then you are on your way to planning your own terrific retirement. If just reading the list gives you information overload, maybe retirement coaching can help get you on track and keep you there.

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retirement planning services

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